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Are you licensed, insured, and SAFE?

Yes! Capt. Bobby is a legitimate licensed and professional captain. Our company is 100% insured for any personal liability. We maintain a current Adult and Pediatric CPR/First Aid certification by ALL crew members at ALL times. Apart from that, Capt. Bobby was a Special Forces Medical Sergeant before becoming a boat Captain. It would be difficult to imagine a safer fishing environment for you and your family.

Do we need to purchase our own fishing license?
No, everyone’s fishing license is covered by the Captain’s.
Are we guaranteed to catch fish?
Unfortunately, fishing is not an absolute. Although we catch A LOT of fish, always getting a limit of our target species still isn’t something we can 100% guarantee. However, we do everything within our power to provide as much fishing action as possible in order to give you a great experience and day on the water!
Are there any hidden charges?

Nope, what you see is what you’re charged. There are no hidden surcharges with our operation. It is not required, but a 10-20% tip is customary.

What if we get sea sick?
We exercise a policy which if the same person gets physically ill more than 3 times we head back in. Due to the hot Florida environment, we will not risk a customer becoming severely dehydrated and thus experiencing heat exhaustion or stroke. Your safety is ALWAYS our first priority. The cost of the trip will be prorated to $150/hr for trips ended ahead of time.
Is there a bathroom on the boat?
Yes, there is a small head on the boat. However, it needs to be emptied by hand. As a result, we have a bucket with a seat that can be used in privacy at any time and we reserve the in boat bathroom for emergencies. We always urge our clients to use a bathroom prior to showing up.
How many people can fit on the boat?
As per our licensing and insurance, we can take a total of 6 paying customers at once. However, in order to provide the best, and most comfortable, experience possible we strongly encourage taking no more than 4 at once for fishing trips. Exceptions can be made, discuss with the captain your group size and requirements prior to reserving your charter.
Are we allowed to keep our catch?

YES, and it is greatly encouraged! Everything we catch that is within current seasons and regulations will be kept on ice in the boat. Once we return to the dock the captain will fillet and bag your catch for you to enjoy however you please.

Can we add time to our trip while we're fishing?
As long as the schedule allows, you may add time to your charter after it has begun. Extra time is paid at a rate of $150/hr.

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